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Diagnostic and Distribution Tower


  • Fast test setup
  • Convenient wiring
  • Reliable repeatability of tests and measurements
  • Compact – does not need much space
  • Uncompromising reproducibility


From the field for the field: The combined solution for ECU and software engineers. Simple and convenient linking of your diagnostic tools in a structured and tidy way in a test unit.

Structured Setup

The D-Tower helps set up tests clearly in a way they can be reproduced with an ordered tool landscape. Unstructured cable routing is avoided, configurable and easy to access plug contacts provide the necessary overview.


The D-Tower is flexible in use thanks to the arrangement of CAN jacks, fuses, ter­minal strips and OBD jack. Depending on users‘ requirements, we extend the standard configuration and adapt it to suit your individual wishes and test devices.


The convenient use of the D­-Tower is supported by the selector switches for the CAN terminating resistor, plug­in ter  ­minal strips, an OBD interface, the in­built power supply as well as other detailed solutions.

Technische Merkmale der Beispiel-Konfiguration

  • D-Box with 5 channels
  • Fuses, switch pin 30
  • 5 plug ­in terminal strips
  • 5 CAN jacks
  • 5 selector switches for the terminating resistor CAN 60Ω / ∞ /120 Ω
  • OBD jack
  • In­built power supply or ext. wall power supply (90 – 264Vac)
  • Adjustable racks (position, angle), no. of racks variable

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