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VIN|ING 2000 Diagnostic Interface

Powerful VCI for Manufacturing and After-Sales Service

VIN|ING 2000 is a further powerful VCI for the VIN|ING product family. With a compact design and WLAN, LAN and USB as interfaces to the host system as well as CAN/FD, K-Line and Ethernet to the vehicle, VIN|ING 2000 is particularly well suited for future-proof manufacturing and after-sales service applications.

Areas of Application

  • Mobile applications in engineering, development, testing, manufacturing and after-sales service
  • Fast and reliable ECU programming
  • Diagnostic tests and data logging in road tests
  • Future-proof diagnostic solutions with DoIP (Diagnostics over IP)


  • Reliable time to data preprocessing and protocol handling in the interface
  • Compact design with integrated diagnostic connector
  • Maximum WLAN security thanks to enterprise authentication with certificates
  • Flexible USB and LAN cable with magnetic fastening
  • Option for remote applications with integration of an MVCI diagnostic server


Mobile Use in Manufacturing and After-Sales Service

The WiFi interface of the VIN|ING 2000 is equipped with two separate communication channels and with IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/h/n supports the 2.4 and 5 GHz band. Current encryption technologies such as WPA2/PSK and WPA2/RADIUS as well as high-performance roaming characteristics are the prerequisite for use on the production line or in after-sales service. Furthermore the device has various Sleep/WakeUp modes and programmable function keys for interaction in diagnostic sequences. When communicating with the host PC over USB or LAN, the Mag- Code connection is a predetermined breaking point, which separates the cable connection in the case of a considerable mechanical load.

Remote Applications with MVCI Server

Thanks to significant modifications of its predecessor the HSC, VIN|ING 2000 is equipped for innovative and contemporary application scenarios.High-density integrated components and a modular software architecture make it possible to run an MVCI Server on the VCI and process the stored ODX data. This makes it possible for a tester system to access vehicles remotely in a whole range of mobile applications.

Standalone Use

With OTX sequences being run on VIN|ING 2000, entire diagnostic tasks can be processed independently without a connection to a host system. This makes it possible to realize applications, such as independent programming solutions, actuator diagnostics and other control tasks, simply and at an affordable price.

MVCI D-Server on the host system

MVCI D-Server on the VIN|ING 2000

Order Information

Order Numbers 
VI-BA-2000VINING 2000 Multibus Interface with WLAN/LAN/USB and integrated diagnostic connector (ISO 15031-3)
1 x CAN V2.0B with high-speed
Ethernet for DoIP
Incl. D-PDU API software
VI-BA-2100 (in preparation)VINING 2000 Multibus Interface with WLAN/LAN/USB and integrated diagnostic connector (ISO 15031-3)
2 x CAN / CAN FD with high-speed bus physics
2 x K/L-Line ISO 9141(-2)
Ethernet for DoIP
Incl. D-PDU API software
ZB-KA-1010MagCode Adapter and USB cable for VINING 2000
Supplementary Products and Services
DTS8L+COSStandalone ISO MVCI server incl. API access for user applications
DTS8L+MONACOAll-in-one engineering tester for diagnostic and control functions of vehicle ECUs
OTX1L+STUDIOOTX Studio – complete OTX Workflow solution including Script Editor, Compiler, Debugger and Differ based on DTS Base System as well as Softing-specific OTX-Extensions (ExternCall (DLL), File, XML, Trace)
VC-BA-1000VCF Developer Base Module (Developer license for VCI Communication Framework)
VC-SB-1000VCF Server Base API
VC-SP-1000VCF Server Premium API


Data SheetVIN|ING 2000 - Powerful VCI for Manufacturing and After-Sales Service

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