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Diagnostic Interfaces VIN|ING Family

VCIs for innovative communication concepts

The interfaces of the VIN|ING family are oriented toward the latest trends. Innovative vehicle communication concepts are easy to implement with a hardware design tailored exactly to the tasks.  

The first two interfaces of the new VIN|ING product family, VIN|ING 600 and VIN|ING 1000, are already established on the market. VIN|ING 2000 was developed in response to new demands in the vehicle industry. It is the successor to the tried and tested HSC diagnostic interface and features extensive modifications.



Diagnostic Interface VIN|ING 600

WLAN-Ethernet bridge for applications with DoIP


VIN|ING 1000

 Diagnostic Interface VIN|ING 1000

Compact USB interface for vehicle electronics


VIN|ING 2000

Diagnostic Interface VIN|ING 2000

Powerful VCI for Manufacturing and After-Sales Service


VIN|ING 3000/6000

Diagnostic Interfaces VIN|ING 3000/6000 (in preparation)

Universal VCI for engineering