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ECU-TEST - Automation and validation of ECU tests

Automated ECU test based on standard tools.

Automotive Electronics - ECU-TEST is the universal test automation ECU-TEST was designed for test automation and for the validation of ECUs. Standard test tools are already integrated and can be used together in tests. ECU-TEST is used to design, realize, run and evaluate tests.


Areas of Application

  • Automated and systematic tests of networked embedded systems in the automotive field
  • ECU tests in simulated vehicle environments SiL and HiL
  • Test preparation, even without ECU and ECU configuration


  • Support of (virtually) all relevant test systems
  • High reusability of the tests thanks to generic test description (cross-mapping)
  • Intuitive graphic user interface
  • Networked test environment via client/server solution
  • Integrated support of subversion
  • Easy to extend for customer-specific requirement



The user-friendly user interface enables effective and productive testing of ECU software and hardware without necessitating a great deal of familiarization. In addition to controls for developing test cases, plug-ins for tool control and variable mapping are also available. The client/server solution contained enables interfaces and software tools to be addressed on several test bed systems of a networked test environment.


Test cases can be parameterized and structured. Thanks to a generic test description (cross-mapping concept), the test cases generated are virtually independent of the specific test environment hardware/software and can thus be reused extensively.


All test results are logged and are easy to analyze. Overviews are created for quick familiarization but in-depth views of the individual tests are also shown. The reports are easy to save or print for documentation purposes.

Technical Data 
Supported software platforms 
  • dSPACE ControlDesk
  • dSPACE ControlDesk Failure Simulation
  • ETAS LabCar Operator
  • Mathworks MATLAB/Simulink
  • National Instruments LabVIEW
  • Softing EDIABAS
  • Softing DTS7
  • Vector CANoe/CANalyzer
  • Vector CANape
Supported hardware platforms 
  • dSPACE Real-Time Interface CAN Multi-Message Blockset
  • MicroNova LabVIEW/Simulation Interface Toolkit
Operating systemSee 'DTS System Overview' Data Sheet
Hardware requirements 
  • Processor clock  > 2000 MHz, depending on the test tools used
  • RAM:
    >= 1MByte for Windows XP
    >= 2MByte for Windows 7
  • Screen resolution:
    Test case creation and analysis >= 1280x1024 (SXGA)
    Test execution >= 1024x768 (XGA)

Order Numbers



Complete package consisting of configuration, script editor, sequence machine and protocol generator


Consisting of configuration and script editor for independent test case creation


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