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Testing and verification of electronic modules, ECUs and vehicle components

Solutions for electronic modules, ECUs and vehicle components

The tasks in automobile construction and mechanical engineering are manifold and multifaceted. Softing Engineering & Solutions (Kirchentellinsfurt) provides a wide range of solutions for individual and customized testing and verification systems (electric).


  • Testing of complex electronic products for defined functions.
  • Process of data acquisition, data collection and data storage.


  • Extension of the test process to include comparison of the collected data with relevant values.
  • Evaluation of the test data in accordance with predefined standards

Where are testing and verification systems (electric) used?

Areas of Application

  • Engineering
  • Design releases
  • Manufacturing
  • Quality assurance
  • Appraisal
  • Analyses of line returns
  • Analyses of field returns
  • Repair workshops
  • End of Line checks

Solutions for test units and the construction of test equipment

CheckRackWhether truck, car, hauler or forklift truck – our test and verification methods will accompany your solutions throughout the entire life cycle.
HiL – Hardware in the Loop – Mini-HiLTest platforms from the definition of requirements through to the start of production (appraisal, line returns, quality assurance).
Breakout Boxen - BOBTest system engineering, test system setup, service as well as in the areas ECU testing and engineering.
Test units & test systemsCustomer-specific creation of anything from simple adapter boxes to highly complex test systems for an automated full test of ECUs.
ECU FabricationDevelopment of mechanics and electronics for ECUs, production and manufacturing, test and quality assurance. 




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