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    All-in-One Diagnostic Testing

    All diagnostic functions in one tester for more efficiency and quality in engineering and development as well as in diagnostic testing.

Have you ever wondered how practical it would be to combine all diagnostic functions in one single tool? The Softing Diagnostic Tool Set is an intuitive diagnostic tool for the entire range of use cases in both vehicle engineering and development as well as diagnostics, from ECU testing to vehicle release in engineering testing and manufacturing. 

Softing DTS.monaco makes it possible for developers, engineers and technicians all over the world to create consistent diagnostic functions and sequences on the basis of international standards and to ensure that diagnostic communication works reliably over the entire value chain. 

Engineering departments all over the world rely on Softing DTS for their daily diagnostic tasks: Whether for ODX and expert applications, ECU release, the commissioning of HiL systems and test benches, or for the updating and validation of vehicles and ECUs. The use cases can also be carried out remotely and in parallel as required.

The consolidation of diagnostic software in just one tool saves costs and reduces the familiarization time for users. The fact that diagnostics only need to be implemented once in the value chain means that efficiency can be increased across all diagnostic and test processes. Thanks to data verification and the early detection and remedy of communication problems and function errors, Softing DTS makes a valuable contribution to an increase in quality over the entire vehicle life cycle.

Lower costs and shorter familiarization time as the functionality of several tools is covered in one

Quality improvement thanks to early detection and remedy of communication problems and function errors

High efficiency thanks to the tool’s flexible adaptability to different requirements

Fast results due to intuitive operation and preconfigured templates


  • Vehicle manufacturers and suppliers must cover all diagnostic and test functions along the entire value chain from ECU development to vehicle release.
  • The growing proportion of software in the vehicle, alternative drives and the increasing degree of automation result in an increase in the complexity of the vehicle architecture. Engineering tools must be able to master the increasing complexity. 
  • With engineering teams working all over the world, secure vehicle access and data exchange must be guaranteed across all locations.
  • The significance of ECU maintenance and software updates continues to increase over the entire product life cycle and necessitates corresponding diagnostic functions and tools.
  • Diagnostic tools should be able to be operated intuitively and adjusted flexibly in view of the wide variety of requirements and applications.


  • Softing DTS.monaco unites the functionality of several diagnostic devices in a single tool and thus covers the entire range of applications in vehicle diagnostics and testing.  
  • The all-in-one diagnostic tester supports a wide range of diagnostic tasks, including the display and analysis of diagnostic communication, tests and test sequences, measurements and actuator diagnostics as well as troubleshooting, flash programming and ECU specifications.
  • The tool supports the latest E/E architectures as well as standards and uses all the latest safety mechanisms to cater to the increased requirements of state-of-the-art vehicles.
  • The fact that both parallel and remote use are possible also saves an enormous amount of time. Remote access to devices under test and vehicles facilitates the optimal collaboration of a worldwide network of engineers.


The tool costs are reduced thanks to the functionality of several diagnostic tools being consolidated in one all-in-one tester. Furthermore, the intuitive operation and the preconfigured templates also facilitate familiarization and considerably shorten the training period for users.

  • Development of diagnostic and control functions for vehicle ECUs
  • Function test and validation
  • Integration and system test
  • Preparation of test sequences for manufacturing and after-sales service
  • Analysis of returns and quality assurance
  • Commissioning of test benches and HiL systems
  • Preparation and update of vehicles for endurance testing
  • Execution of diagnostic tests for safeguarding functional safety in compliance with ISO 26262


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We support our customers with solutions which facilitate the testing, diagnostics and monitoring of mechatronic systems, vehicles and entire fleets. We see our task as starting with communication with the vehicle, through data pre-processing and visualization, to storage – locally or in the cloud. We create the connection to the electronic systems of our customers worldwide! 

Leading manufacturers of cars, motorcycles, commercial vehicles and their suppliers all rely on tried and tested tools and scalable solutions from Softing Automotive. But fleet operators and service suppliers also opt for Softing’s secure solutions and flexible services. The internationally binding standards implemented by Softing for programming interfaces, data descriptions, protocols and bus systems guarantee our customers the long-term safeguarding of their projects thanks to the reusability of data with consistently high quality. As an active member of numerous committees and associations (incl. ASAM, ISO, SAE), we take a leading role in defining industry standards.

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