Reading out and documenting ECUs, vehicles, test setups and fleets is very time-consuming. An interface is plugged into the device under test (DuT), the tester application is connected, and automatic or interactive tests are performed. The procedure is repeated – per DuT and per readout time, for example before and after a test drive. The situation is further complicated by the fact that engineering and development sites are increasingly distributed around the world. The distributed DuTs must be clearly documented at the beginning or end of a test. 

Softing offers a convenient solution for running repetitive, time-consuming tasks in parallel and thus more efficiently. For example, a dedicated   diagnostic connection can be established via a WiFi access point of an interface and the entire network infrastructure of the laboratory or company can be used. The DuT can be accessed one after the other using a device connection. By storing the diagnostic data on a small embedded system in the vehicle, diagnostics can be scaled via the network. The tester software enables multiple connections to be established at the same time, allowing parallel testing and updates. These can be identical or different test vehicles – at any number of locations.

A “multitest” makes it possible to control several DuT in one interface and thus retain an overview. This makes it possible, for example, to delete error memory entries and generate reports. The parallel testing and updating of the ECU software in vehicle engineering plays a key role in increasing efficiency, improving quality and ultimately achieving shorter engineering cycles.

Significantly shorter test time due to simultaneous execution of tests

Early error detection and trouble shooting due to parallel processes

Standard software version of the devices under test with parallel updates

Increased efficiency in engineering through scalable diagnostics

Overall, the parallel testing and updating of ECU software help to enhance engineering efficiency, improve vehicle quality, increase the flexibility of software management, and enable faster adaptation to changing requirements. This is particularly important in the automotive industry with its short innovation cycles in which technology is continuously advancing.

As tests can be run in parallel, the test process and thus the engineering cycle are considerably accelerated. Moreover, errors and problems can be identified and remedied at an early stage of the engineering process. In addition, parallel tests, such as health state, function tests or safety tests, enable more comprehensive and thus improved test coverage. The systems tested in parallel can be validated faster which results overall in more efficient engineering. In the future, this might even lead to an earlier market launch of a vehicle.

Parallel updates of the ECU software enable vehicle manufacturers to respond more quickly and continuously to changes or improvements and to introduce new functions into the vehicles without unnecessarily delaying the actual test.


  • Considerable effort involved in testing particularly in early phases of engineering and the necessity for recurring, time-consuming tests, e.g. before and after a test drive 
  • Great demand for regular vehicle software updates to fix errors or add new features, e.g. due to new environmental standards, safety regulations or customer preferences


  • The “multitest” function makes it possible to retain an overview and document the devices under test
  • Establishment of several connections at the same time from the same or different devices under test – at as many locations as required
  • Dedicated  diagnostic connection using a WLAN access point of an interface 
  • Use of the entire network infrastructure of the lab or company for diagnostic scaling
  • Integration of diagnostic system and data on a small embedded system in the vehicle enables the scaling of diagnostics via the network

Parallel Access Applications

Parallel Access in Engineering 

Efficient engineering and development thanks to parallel control and monitoring of several devices under tests via the multitest functionality in the tester application.

Diagnostic System and Data on the Vehicle

The integration of the diagnostic system and data on an embedded system in the vehicle enables the scaling of diagnostics via the network in engineering or manufacturing.

Automated Test Systems

Automated test systems are used to test and validate multiple vehicle components and systems simultaneously, improving the efficiency and accuracy of test processes.

Parallel Access in After-Sales

Fast reaction to software errors thanks to parallel (remote) error detection, localization and troubleshooting in the customer vehicle.

Smart VCI for Parallel Remote Access

Powerful interface for direct access to the device under test in the LAN or with integrated diagnostic system independent of the network connection.


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