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    Standardized, Reusable Test Procedures

    Efficient testing of a wide variety of control units and diagnostic services in an intuitive test environment.

Automated tests are crucial in vehicle diagnostics, especially as trends such as alternative drives, digitalization and (semi-)autonomous driving require increasingly precise predictions about the status of all components involved. With easy-to-create automated communication tests, the large number of ECUs and their variants as well as the wide variety of diagnostic services and parameterizations can be tested effortlessly. 

Softing, based on the OTX standard (ISO 13209), facilitates the specification and implementation of diagnostic sequences with user-friendly tools. This test solution is easily accessible for both beginners and experienced engineers thanks to IntelliSense and comprehensive project management.  

The use cases range from flash sequences to extensive diagnostic tests, with wizards such as the editor for creating graphic sequence diagrams or integrated version management greatly simplifying the implementation of OTX scripts.  

Softing enables the efficient automation of diagnostic sequences, which is particularly necessary due to the increasing complexity and number of ECUs. The fast and intuitive creation of test sequences via drag & drop and extensive debugging options increase the quality and efficiency of vehicle diagnostics. 

Rapid creation of test sequences with automated and predefined diagnostic tests

Increase in quality thanks to standard processes and integrated standards

Minimization of error sources by using test sequences that are already functional 

Increased efficiency thanks to the reusability of existing and automated test sequences 

Easy expansion of existing templates with additional, integrable test sequences 


  • Complex test sequences increase with growing complexity and number of ECUs 
  • Repeated work steps must be set up and carried out individually for each project 
  • Complex and potentially error-prone (re)creation of functional test sequences
  • In-depth programming knowledge makes it difficult to get started, even for experienced technicians 
  • Complicated and often less intuitive interfaces make it difficult to create test sequences 

Automated Testing Solutions

  • Faster results, greater test coverage and therefore higher quality thanks to easy-to-create automated communication tests  
  • Using the OTX standard (ISO 13209) provides an efficient and future-safe solution for creating and executing test sequences 
  • Seamless integration of various diagnostic tasks and fast creation of meaningful reports based on diagnostic responses 
  • Fast and easy creation of ECU validation using intuitive drag & drop function in the Softing Test Case Editor  


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Areas of Application

The use cases of automated test sequences include flashing as well as extensive diagnostic tests, such as communication tests, tests of diagnostic services and function tests. However, they are also perfect for use with recurring tasks. This starts with the ECU and mechatronic system and extends to the Funcional Mock-up Unit (FMU) and the complete vehicle. The sequences can be used 1:1, but can also be easily expanded or adapted for the respective process step as required. Use is not limited to pure test automation: Test sequences can also be used very efficiently in manually operated tools such as engineering testers. For numerous subtasks, they are even used in repair shop testers, for example for flash programming or for replacing ECUs.  

Automated validation of diagnostic services

The Test Case Editor in Softing enables the automated and comprehensive validation of diagnostic services for ECUs – ideal for release and regression tests. All available diagnostic services can be systematically tested and documented, supported by preconfigured OTX scripts. The test results can be displayed in XML or HTML, and detailed statistics of the test procedures can be generated.

Implementation in Platform-Independent Diagnostic System

Softing SDE is a basic diagnostic system, which efficiently handles both diagnostic communication via individual services and complex diagnostic sequences. Softing SDE not only enables PC use, but also brings diagnostics to embedded systems. Remote and parallel communication (flashing, testing) with several ECUs is also possible.  

ECU Function Engineering

The diagnostic tester can contain all generic content based on diagnostic data and predefined OTX sequences. This also includes the OBD conformity check, for example.

Standardised Diagnostic Sequences in the Repair Shop Tester

When creating and maintaining a repair shop tester for OEMs and component manufacturers, diagnostic sequences (OTX) already used in the company can be reused for repair and maintenance.  

Stand-Alone Diagnostics for Your Pocket

With VIN|ING 2000 PDX, diagnostics can be used “on the fly” at any location without a PC. Predefined programming sequences are loaded onto the VIN|ING 2000 PDX for this purpose. The handy interface is simply plugged into the OBD interface and the test or flash job can be started at the touch of a button – depending on the previous configuration. This means that even inexperienced users can program and test the vehicle.

Solution Spotlights Videos

Test Automation with OTX

The automation of diagnostic processes is essential as the complexity and number of ECUs increase. Softing offers a simple and efficient solution for the creation and evaluation of test sequences through the use of the OTX-Standards (ISO 13209). This enables the seamless integration of various diagnostic tasks and rapid generation of meaningful reports based on diagnostic responses.

Automated ECU Communication Tests

With automated communication tests, the large number of ECUs and their variants as well as the wide variety of diagnostic services and parameterizations can be conveniently verified. With the "Test Case Editor" in Softing, the validation of ECUs is created quickly and easily by using drag & drop function. It is also possible to visualize the results in XML or HTML format and map the statistics of the test campaigns. In this video you can see how simple it is to create ECU communication tests.

Our Training Program

Take a look at our training sessions to get further insights into these and other topics, and increase your knowledge of vehicle diagnostics.


Basic Trainings of Vehicle Diagnostics

  • Basic understanding of diagnostics 
  • Standards training
    - ODX introductory seminar
    - OTX basic training
    - OTX for advanced users

Tool Trainings

  • Softing DTS.monaco – 
    Introductory Training Session
  • Softing DTS.monaco –
    Advanced Training Session

Customized Trainings

  • Flexible dates
  • Costimized content
    - background knowledge
    - trends relevant to the field
    - compact and modular units

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