Race-proven Telematics by Globalmatix

Connect the Unconnected to get in-vehicle data from Road to Cloud

On the racetrack at the Nürburgring the Softing Member Globalmatix proves its solution xTCU. Installed in a Porsche GT4 CS of the racing team ESBA Racing, the xTCU transmitted real-time vehicle data from the inside of the car during the long-distance championship to be analyzed in the box.

In-vehicle Telematics for commercial mixed fleets (retrofit)

Globalmatix' xTCU is a multi-brand, smart telematic control unit which is connected to the vehicle‘s CANbus to capture diagnostics data in real time.

► Multi-brand, multi-size, multi-purpose vehicle support

► Telematics data signals via multiple sources deeply from the vehicle

► Global 4G/LTE network connectivity for xTCU w/ fallback 3G/2G