INTERVIEW – Product Manager Christian Weiner @ IQPC Berlin 2018

Diagnostics for a connected and automated world – Review of Softing @ IQPC Automotive Diagnostic Conference Berlin 2018

Merging environment of on-board and off-board vehicle diagnostics, the role within Functional Safety ISO26262 and current challenges for OEMs and suppliers implementing new remote, connected and secure. Christian Weiner, Product Manager Diagnostics and Remote Services, provides insights in his presentation at the annual IQPC Automotive Diagnostic Conference Berlin 2018.

Christian, which main topics do you see for the diagnostics and communication?

For diagnostic on-board and off-board communication I can state at least four general topics that challenge OEMs as well as suppliers: Remote Diagnostics (data capturing and analysis), connection of vehicle and tester with reliable latency and data management related topics, security for system and subsystem (Authenticity, Integrity, Confidentiality) and system extension (extended vehicle). As the conference also included sensor related diagnostics related to Diesel Gate and real-drive emission discussions, I also see many obstacles in the area of accuracy and stability of hardware as well as the validity and analysis (software implementation) of data generated by these sensors.

What did you present at the IQPC Automotive Diagnostic Conference in Berlin this year?

The goal of my presentation in Berlin was to give a summary of topics that challenge Softing as a supplier for Smart Diagnostic Solutions – currently and in future. These challenges are mainly driven by customer issues and use cases. During the presentation it was key to point out that there might be a fundamental change of paradigms for our customers. New IT domain related topics like cloud, IT and security as well as agile development strategies are pushed to the automotive domain. This causes an immense effort to be in-line with all legislative regulations to ensure vehicle and passenger safety and security. Depending on the outcome, this might also affect our software development as well (ISO 26262 functional safety relevance).

What upcoming trends do you see for OEMs and TIER1s?

The trends I see are mainly driven by after sales markets, as vehicles must be maintained and serviced. New customer functions for comfort like remote service, predictive maintenance, function on demand and functional updates (like done from Tesla) will become state of the art in a few years for many OEMs. All tier1s will follow these strategies to offer smart solutions for these goals. This seems to be independent from the type of engines that are used. For engineering departments at the OEMs this means that the same trends have to be addressed – but at least three or four years in advance.

Christian thanks for your time!    

Christian is Product Manager at Softing Automotive. He´s responsible for the Products