Integrated Diagnosis for SOTA

Technical article "Integrated Diagnosis for SOTA" in HANSERautomotive issue 05/2019

Vehicles of the future will require complex vehicle diagnostics. To satisfy these requirements, Softing now offers a new VCI generation as well as an easy-to-use software component which can be implemented universally for running diagnostic tasks. The combination of the two products covers new use cases and offers users particular benefits.

In the technical article "Integrated Diagnosis for SOTA", written by Softing´s Product Managers Julian Erber (Diagnostic Base System) and Martin Sirch (VCIs), we show you the areas of application, use cases and benefits of the funture-proof combination of Softing SDE and the high-performance VCI VIN|ING 2000.

The article was originally published in German in the technical magazine HANSERautomotive 05/2019, published by Carl Hanser, Munich, Germany.

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