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Remote-Diagnostics becomes “Diagnostics 4.0“

With more than 100 ECUs in the vehicle, pressure is increasing to ensure more efficient diagnostics of these ECUs. In parallel to this development, the dependence on ECU functions in many instances today makes reliable statements in diagnostics increasingly difficult – which means that the quality of diagnostics overall must increase. The answer to these challenges are called remote diagnostics and cloud diagnostics.

Remote Diagnostics

Remote diagnostics refers to accessing vehicles from a greater distance, whether in the LAN (local area network) or the WWW. Uses cases can be found in Manufacturing and After Sales, with an expert accessing the vehicle, although use cases in Engineering are also conceivable. Sending and receiving comprehensive ECU data between the application  and the vehicle is even via a long distance 1:1 connection possible. Remote diagnostics promises considerable savings in terms of resources – in the form of test units, but also personnel.

Cloud Diagnostics

Cloud diagnostics is a completely new approach in diagnostics: An application in the cloud gathers and transmits ECU data worldwide using preconfigured, independently campaigns from and to a defined vehicle fleet of vehicles. This facilitates for example the continuous reading of the fault memory but also completely new statements on vehicle status as well as on the general quality. This approach also enables pinpoint vehicle programming.

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  • ODX 2.2 – Standard for writing diagnostic data
  • OTX – Standardized Language for Diagnostic and Test Sequences
  • UDS ISO 14229 – Standardized CAN-based protocol for diagnostics
  • DoIP – Diagnostic Communication over Internet Protocol
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