Diagnostic Apps from Softing Automotive

Mobile system solutions for vehicle diagnostics directly on your smartphone or tablet.

We develop tailor-made applications for mobile end devices in the business-to-business field. In doing so, we specialize on the important platforms iOS and Android. We develop solutions for mobile end devices along the entire process chain. Based on our decades of experience in integrating vehicles and other interfaces, we offer that decisive competitive edge in the implementation and realization of challenging projects.

Areas of Application

  • Tool for supporting engineers, service technicians and
    repair shops
  • Data logging, fast initial diagnostics and error detection for
    stationary vehicles as well as vehicles on the road
  • Service & vehicle tests on the forecourt
  • Breakdown service
  • Engineering and vehicle test


  • Reading out vehicle data in just a few seconds
  • Use of mobile end devices (via Bluetooth) already available
  • Ultrafast and flexible initial analysis of sporadic errors when a
    vehicle is brought in for maintenance and in vehicle release
  • Always all current, official OEM vehicle data on
  • Multi-lingual operation for global use

Example Project – CAR ASYST App for Audi

With CAR ASYST, Softing Automotive is providing an innovative and universal tool for mobile vehicle diagnostics. As it is used on conventional Android smartphones, users can start working with it whenever they want to and wherever they happen to be. CAR ASYST (CA) has been optimized for use in service and in the repair shop and can also be implemented in vehicle development and engineering.

What components does CAR ASYST consist of?

The mobile diagnostic solution consists of the CAR ASYST App, the CARDATA data package and the CA ADAPTER interface derived from the VIN|ING 600. Via WiFi, it establishes the connection between the vehicle and the mobile end device.

The PC analysis tool CA ANALYTICS facilitates the parallel offline analysis of all recorded data flows (bus data, measurement values, GPS route information, audio and video recordings). Furthermore it simplifies the creation of measurement configurations on the desktop for subsequent data recording with the app.

Want to learn more about CAR ASYST?

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