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CAR ASYST – app for Audi service and testing available now

CAR ASYST – app for Audi service and testing: mobile app system solution for vehicle diagnostics and testing. Softing Automotive released CAR ASYST the mobile app system solution today. CAR ASYST supports wireless vehicle diagnostics and engineering tests on Android smartphones.

With CAR ASYST Softing presents an innovative and universal tool for analyzing Audi cars. The main areas of application for CAR ASYST are quick diagnosis of vehicles (service, repair shops, roadside assistance), as well as a usage in vehicle testing and development (technicians, engineers).

The mobile system solution CAR ASYT consists of the APP, the vehicle service package CARDATA and the CAR ASYST ADAPTER. The adapter (VCI VINING 600) provides a wireless connection between the car and the smartphone. It provides flexible wireless and mobile diagnostics and analytics. At the launch, the app supports the latest AUDI models (Q7 and A4). The service data package CARDATA will be constantly updated. All upcoming service and vehicle data for future Audi car releases will be part of these updates.

CAR ASYST for Android smartphones is available now. The tablet version will follow in autumn 2016.

All further details and information on CAR ASYST can be found at the official website