Automotive Megatrends Drive Diagnostic Development

Automotive Megatrends such as electric and autonomous driving, extended vehicle or remote access over the air (OTA) are leading to paradigm shifts in the E/E architecture. In our technical article "Paradigm Shift Enhances the Quality of Diagnostics", written by Markus Steffelbauer (Head of Product Management at Softing Automotive), we show, that this and the increasing number of variants of electronic control units (ECU) is leading to new challenges in vehicle diagnostics, but at the same time this development is opening up opportunities for improving the quality of diagnostics and increasing efficiency: There will be new ways of diagnostics with even cloud-based systems.

Main Topics in the technical article "Paradigm shift enhances diagnostic quality" (ATZelectronic 06/2019)

  • Diagnostics today and a look under the hood
  • The challenge of Megatrends
  • Use cases and extensions over Diagnostics 4.0
  • Diagnostics in a stress field especially regarding influence of the new challenges on the Functional Safety (ISO 26262) of the vehicle
  • Diagnostic standards and the standardized diagnostic runtime system
  • New diagnostic paths such as the possibility to call in a diagnostic expert from a distance during engineering to run in-depth analyses to decrease costs
  • Step-by-step migration