Test Boards by Softing: Working as if you were working on a verhicle – but with full comfort!

From a compact test board at your desk to a functional mock-up unit (FMU) – individual test board assemblies for maximum reliability in engineering and testing

A range of original components can be conveniently attached and connected to each other on test boards according to their target arrangement in the vehicle. This is the perfect way to subject, in particular, the cable harness and ECUs to complex networking and function tests in conjunction with real sensors, actuators and other subsystems. Test boards thus enable flexible tests for series validation – long before tests are possible on real vehicles.

Due to the suitable mechanical construction with variable T-slot profiles, all essential parts of a test board are easily accessible for engineers and testers at any time. Drilled boards allow for the simple, fast and structured mounting of all components. This is how original parts can very easily be substituted by spare parts or simulations at any time – and vice versa.

From test boards for individual control units to function clusters and complete vehicle FMUs – we would be glad to advise you in accordance with your individual tasks, and engineer and design the appropriate test setup.

This are the advantages of Softings test boards:

  • Top quality through comprehensive know-how and many years of experience
  • Highly flexible, individual assemblies with T-slot profiles, drilled boards and special designs
  • Space for additional components
  • Ergonomic support for display ECUs
  • Simple cable routing with full pull-outs using drag chains on drawers
  • High-quality, permanently engraved/printed lettering
  • Fast, flexible implementation and on-site support

Our Test Boards at a Glance


Brief description

Test Boards for the Workplace 

Due to their small, compact and clear design, the board setups are suitable for tests directly at the desk or workplace. The universal construction (lying, standing) makes the test boards variable and reliable.

ECUs Diagnostic Tower

The compact tower design requires minimal space and has a variable number of freely assignable compartments. 

Test Tables 

The mobile board superstructures have an integrated work table, for example to carry out networking and diagnostic tests.

Real Load Cabinets 

The cabinets and shelves are suitable for storing components and are equipped with individual and 19 inch mounts.

2- & 3-Dimensional Test Boards

The component carriers made of vertical test boards are suitable for holding control units, actuators and sensors due to their full extensions. 

Function Models Demonstrators

The system setups are suitable for presenting the functionality of components with an attractive appearance.

Functional Mock-Up (FMU)

The vehicle-size 3D test boards are used for simulations and complex networking tests with original components.

Test und Simulation Technology

These include, for example, measuring adapters and break-out boxes, error and residual bus simulation and much more. 

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