Roadsurfer Equips Entire Camper Fleet with Telematics Solution from Softing Subsidiary GlobalmatiX

In the future, the telematics interface from Softing subsidiary Globalmatix will be installed in the entire camper fleet of roadsurfer GmbH, the largest outdoor travel expert in Europe. The camper fleet will comprise 5,000 vehicles this year. Thus, for the first time, in combination with comprehensive software solutions, its own cloud and artificial intelligence, roadsurfer's international fleet management will be possible with GlobalmatiX Car-to-Cloud-to-Company Management (C3M). Globalmatix currently offers the broadest range of data collection and data density, transfer security and software solutions in the management of brand-independent large fleets "over the air".

The individualized service portfolio for roadsurfer is based on the GlobalmatiX xTCU interface, an innovative next-generation 4G/LTE CAN diagnostic logger and GPS telematics interface, in combination with proprietary firmware, mobile license including telecommunication and telematics platform (cloud). It includes among others:

  • Fast installation of the xTCU in a few minutes.
  • Only one data transmission device for all applications.
  • Brand-independent functionality without restrictions.
  • Comprehensive remote vehicle diagnostics.
  • Early detection of impending defects, e.g. battery or engine defects.
  • Notification of upcoming service intervals.
  • Switching off vehicle components to prevent further travel in the event of theft.
  • Opening/closing doors without additional hardware.
  • "Keyless to Go", station-free and contactless vehicle handover or return.
  • Final settlement upon vehicle return.
  • Reporting of accidents.
  • Detection of minor accidents that often leave no traces, including damage report and cost calculation.
  • Complete vehicle documentation (Car CV) with determination of current market value upon resale.
  • Highest security through unique encryption technology Car-to-Cloud-to-Company.

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