Parallel Access to ECUs and Vehicles with Ed & Ted – Get it Done!

Scalable Diagnostics Through Parallel Vehicle Testing and Updating

Reading out and documenting ECUs, vehicles, test setups and fleets is very time-consuming. An interface is plugged into the device under test (DuT), the tester application is connected, and automatic or interactive tests are performed. The procedure is repeated – per DuT and per readout time, for example before and after a test drive. The situation is further complicated by the fact that engineering and development sites are increasingly distributed around the world. The distributed DuTs must be clearly documented at the beginning or end of a test. 

Softing offers a convenient solution for running repetitive, time-consuming tasks in parallel and thus more efficiently.

Ed & Ted give you all important information about parallel access to ECUs and vehicles on our focus page "Parallel Access". 

Smart Diagnostics and Testing with Ed & Ted

In a world where vehicle electronics is constantly evolving, especially via software, engineers and technicians are constantly faced with new challenges. Ed & Ted, two experts in the fields of diagnostics and testing, take on the demanding tasks over the entire vehicle lifecycle.

Join them on their journey through the world of automotive electronics and discover new ways to increase efficiency and quality in development, production and service. 

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