Free Webinar | Diagnostic Communication with Zero Emission Vehicles

SAE J1979 and its “OBD Modes” served for the protection of our environment against harmful pollutants for decades, but due to regulatory adoption of Unified Diagnostic Services (UDS), SAE J1979 has now become a multiple part document series: SAE J1979 will be replaced by SAE J1979-2 for vehicles with combustion engines (ICEs) and by SAE J1979-3 for Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) propulsion systems. For ZEVs, emission-related failures will be replaced by ZEV propulsion-related failures. Both SAE J1979-2 and -3 are variants of ISO 14229 (UDS) but limited to emission-related and ZEV propulsion-related failures, respectively, and associated diagnostic data.

These new diagnostic communication protocols are required by California Air Resources Board (CARB) but do not support vehicle-manufacturer-specific diagnostic applications like calibration or flash programming. For performance reasons of the flash process, the deployment of UDS on Internet Protocol (UDSonIP) as it is standardized in ISO 14229-5 became state-of-the art.

You will receive a brief introduction to diagnostic communication (UDS, DoCAN, DoIP) and learn how UDS is used by the SAE J1979-3 to communicate with a ZEV, e.g. for reading out the VIN. In addition, the graphical user interface of a diagnostic service tester is presented in a practical demo. 


The webinar took place on June 6, 2024. You are welcome to watch the recording of the webinar

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