Flexible Commissioning Sequences – OTX makes it easy!

Whether in prototype workshops or endurance testing, on the test bench or in engineering: After replacing or repairing vehicle components, the ECU and its peripherals must be adapted to each other again. In addition to only functional sequences, interaction with operating personnel to start individual process steps or enter parameters is often necessary.

The advantages the OTX standard and the Softing OTX tools offer for a fast and robust realization of commissioning sequences are obvious:

  • Full functionality of a programming language
  • Seamless diagnostics integration
  • Kit for user interfaces

Even complex commissioning sequences that have to address multi-ple vehicle systems in a precisely defined sequence (e.g. ignition lock replacement) can be easily implemented without difficulty. The uniform handling of variants through generic sequence implementations is also possible – configuration settings to specific ECUs or vehicle components are made dynamically via external configuration (XML).

And if you don’t want to deal with all the details of a technical solution, benefit from our expertise and experience gained in a wide range of OTX realizations. We implement commissioning sequences for you, precisely tailored to your requirements.

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