Efficient, Scalable Diagnostics on the Test Carrier – Even when Working at Home

Reading out and documenting vehicles during and at the end of a test day is extremely time consuming. An interface is plugged into the test carrier, the tester application is connected, and automatic or interactive tests are performed. The procedure is repeated – per vehicle and per readout time, for example before and after a test drive . At the moment, the situation is all the more difficult because the workplace and test workshops are often of a virtual nature. The challenge now is to once again precisely document the vehicles and test carriers, some of which are distributed across different test locations, at the beginning or end of a test day. The remote desktop connection approach with an LTE stick raises questions about administration, activation and costs.

Softing DTS customers will have an elegant solution to this dilemma from August 2021. Together with the Softing diagnostic interface VIN|ING 2000, it will become possible not only to establish an ad hoc diagnostic connection via a WLAN access point of the device, but also to use the entire network infrastructure of the laboratory or enterprise. The test carriers can be accessed one after the other using a device connection – cost effectively and tested for use in the vehicle and on the production line.

A small embedded computer, such as the VIN|ING 2000 on the vehicle, offers many more possibilities of simplifying diagnostic tasks. By installing the Softing Diagnostic Base System (Softing SDE) and storing the diagnostic data on the device (“smart VCI”), it is possible to scale diagnostics via the network. For Softing DTS, this means up to eight connections at the same time. These can be identical or different test carrier – at any number of locations. With the special “Multitest” interface it is now possible to keep track of everything and document the vehicles. This makes it possible, for example, to delete the error memory and generate reports. The combination of parallel and remote access saves considerable time.

Naturally, other use cases, such as ECU and vehicle updating, are also possible. It is definitely worth boarding the Softing DTS train with the VIN|ING 2000 vehicle interfaces very soon!

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