Digital Assets in Aftersales: Consistency in Data and Processes

Targeted maintenance and repair play an extremely important role in increasingly complex vehicles. The paradigm “fix it right the first time” avoids extra costs and increases customer satisfaction. Alongside intuitive operation of the repair shop tester, the seamless integration and intensive use of digital technologies are of particular importance.

You can read more about this in our technical article "Digital Assets in Aftersales" by Julian Mayer (Product Manager for aftersales diagnostics and the workshop tester Softing TDX at Softing Automotive), published in the magazine HANSER OEM Supplier 2022/2023 (German magazine).

Main topics in the technical article:

  • Consistency in Data Processes
  • Creating Digital Images
  • Remote Support: The Expert Right Next Door
  • Digitizing Data in a Closed Loop
  • How Softing TDX helps you provide fast and targeted maintenance and repair for highly complex vehicles based on digital assets