Automotive Electronics

CANpro USB - CAN Bus USB Interface for Vehicle Electronics

VCI for communication tasks with CAN API and D-PDU API

CAN communication interfaces are an inexpensive alternative to diagnostic interfaces. CANpro USB and Softing’s standard CAN-API form a powerful hardware interface for communicati on tasks. Alternatively, the VCI can be operated with the D-PDU API.

Areas of Application

  • Simple communicati on tasks
  • Applications in Manufacturing and After-Sales Service


  • Active interface with its own microcontroller
  • Local data buff ering and preprocessing
  • Galvanic isolation
  • Ruggedized design
  • Optional robust and lockable USB cable
  • Optional extended temperature range



The CAN-API, which is standard for all CAN interfaces from Soft ing, provides powerful communication mechanisms for CAN applications. Local buffering and preprocessing on the VCI result in high performance and a reduction of time-critical tasks for the PC. Special automation APIs, such as CANopen and DeviceNET-API, are also available.


The standardized programming interface provides applicati ons with powerful multichannel communication mechanisms with vehicle protocols, such as Diagnosti cs on CAN (ISO 15765) and UDS (ISO 14229). It also allows integration into diagnostic systems in accordance with ISO 22900 (MVCI). D-PDU API is available as an option.


If your application requires more than one CAN bus at anytime, the number of communication channels available at the PC can quickly be extended. This is simple to organize by combining the existing CANpro USB interface with further CAN or EDIC® interfaces from Softing.


Combining CANpro USB with appropriate API soft ware enables compact solutions for all kinds of communication applications. The standardized Soft ing CAN-L2-API thus supports reliable CAN communication on Layer2 in a simple way. The optional D-PDU API soft ware makes communication channels with higher diagnostic protocols available to applications via the standardized API and thus relieves the application of standard tasks.

Order Information

Order Numbers 
CAN-PRO-USBCAN USB interface with 1x CAN high speed channel (ISO 11898) at D-SUB9 connector; incl. USB cable and CAN layer 2 API
CAN-PRO-USB-HDCAN-USB interface with 1x CAN high speed (ISO 11898) at D-SUB9 connector heavy-duty version; incl. lockable USB cable and CAN layer 2 API


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