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Customer Information on the CAN Family

Some interfaces of the CAN Family were discontinued by Softing Automotive in 2023. The use cases of the CAN-interfaces – and many more – can be covered by successor products.

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CANpro USB (discontinued)


VIN|ING 800 (successor product)

You can use VIN|ING 800 instead. 


USBcanII HS/LS (discontinued)


VIN|ING 1000 (successor product)

The interface VIN|ING 1000 can be used instead. 


Leaf Light HS v2 (discontinued)


VIN|ING 800 (successor product)

The interface VIN|ING 800 can be used instead. 

Communication Interfaces - CAN Family

VCIs for CAN communication and diagnostic applications with single-link

The communication interfaces of the CAN family make it possible to integrate send and receive tasks (e.g. cyclical sending, measuring of bus signals) in all kinds of applications. Alternatively, the VCIs can also be operated with the D-PDU API for simple diagnostic tasks.



VCI with USB interface for use in manufacturing and service.



VCI with PCI interface for use in testing and validation.



VCI with PCIexpress interface for use in testing and validation.



VCI with USB interface for use in development and engineering.


Leaf Light HS v2

VCI with USB interface for use in after-sales service environment.


Leaf Light HS v2 OBD

Leaf Light HS v2 with OBD Connector.

Technical Data - CAN Family at a glance




CANpro PCI Express


Leaf Light HS v2

Leaf Light HS v2 OBD

  Automotive Communication Interface - CANpro USB Automotive Communication Interface - CAN pro PCI Express Automotive Communication Interface - Leaf Light HS v2
PC interface
USB 2.0    
PCI Rev 2.1          
PCI Express          
Vehicle interface
Suitable for 12V systems
Suitable for 24V systems
Physical Layer            
CAN 2.0B high-speed 1 2 2 1 1 1
CAN low-speed   1 or 21 1 or 21 1    
Vehicle connection            
D-SUB connector  
OBD connector with cable with cable with cable with cable  
Galvanic isolation from PC interface  
Software / supported operating systems
CAN Layer 2 API software
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 10

1 With optional bus physics, switchable by software