Automotive Electronics

Softing MDF.view

Software for visualizing measurement data.

The universal MDF4 viewer from Softing closes a frequent gap between the actual measurement data acquisition and analysis tools which often require considerable investments and are complex. The display software provides fast insight – even with large amounts of data – and thus fast findings, for example on component and sensor problems. Softing MDF.view is an indispensable aid wherever MDF4 data is involved.

Areas of Application

  • Verification of sensors and cabling in the field
  • Plausibilization of the measurement data (typical values, threshold violations, ...)
  • Analysis of measurement records (measurement duration, gaps in the recording, channel synchronization, ...)


  • Fast insight – even with large amounts of data
  • Fast findings, e.g. on component and sensor problems
  • Can also be used on embedded PCs
  • Flexible licensed model

Softing MDF.view - Screens

Function Overview

  • Channel selection incl. search and filter functions
  • Different scaling possibilities incl. Auto-Scale
  • Several graphs (simultaneously or as tabs) or different y axes
  • Different graph types Display of measuring points via mouse-over  
  • Calculation of minimum and/or maximum values
  • Individual formatting of the displays
  • Creating and storing display profiles
  • If required: Integration in the acquisition software Softing PEA