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SMT - Softing 测量技术



SMT系统是坚固耐用的,他们是完美的用在苛刻的测试车辆使用环境。他们往往都作为测试平台和制造用于固定应用研究。SMT任务是决不限于简单地获取测量值。组合测量,测试和自动化系统,Softing 测量技术还可以实现对负责有关地区的控制和监管,过程监控和自动化,实时仿真和数据记录功能。




SMT - Product Family | Softing Measurement Technology –the Universal Measurement and Automation System for Mobile and Stationary Applications



SMT的模块化测量和通信通道没有限制。基础的系统特性,如能源供应,冷却和计算能力可以进行相应的调整,以适应特殊情况。同时,Softing 测量技术是为了以最好的状态的整合。模块化设计可以根据功能所需配置最小尺寸。

System Modules

V12-120.4/V12-240.1 – Supply Modules (120W & 240W)

Based on a nominal 12 V input voltage, the modules provide a power for SMT systems with a maximum power consumption of 120 W (V12-120.4) or 240 W (V12-240.1).

VAC-240.1 - Supply Module (Mains Operation)

The module supplies SMT systems with a maximum power consumption of 240 W on the basis of mains operation between 110 V and 230 V. An additional feature is the integrated fan which ensures needs-oriented cooling of all components.

B12-033.1 - Buffer Modul (12V/33Wh)

The module is used to be able to continue measuring during any interruption to the on-board supply system. Furthermore, it enables measurement tests if the on-board supply system is not to be further burdened by the measurement technology.

XLL.2/XLR.2 – Fan Modules (Left & Right)

The fan modules are on the side of every SMT system. They actively cool the individual components and thus enable reliable operation over a wide environmental temperature range.

RGC-PC.2 - Controller Module for PEA Software

The Realtime Gateway Controller consists of a full-function PC as well as its connection to the internal SMT system bus. Together with the system software PEA, the RGC-PC.2 is responsible for configuring and controlling all integrated SMT modules.

LBITSTER.3 - Link Module for SMT Components

The LBITSTER.3 connects two SMT module blocks resulting in a single measurement system. This enables the spatial distribution of measurement amplifiers and communication modules without negatively impacting important system characteristics, such as the synchronicity of the measurement channels or the maximum sum sampling rate.

ICANSYS.3 - Interface for Field Bus Components

The ICANSYS.3 is a one-channel interface module for linking CAN-based measurement technology into SMT systems. In addition to the integrated CAN node, it powers the external components.

Communication Modules

ICAN.2 - Communication Module for CAN

The ICAN.2 is a 2-channel interface module for acquiring and stimulating CAN signals. It is used both for recording bus communication and for residual bus simulations.

IFLEXRAY.1 – Communication Module for FlexRay

The IFLEXRAY.1 is an interface module for recording FlexRay cluster bus communication. Both complete bus traces and the targeted acquisition of selected signals are supported.

IGPS.1 - Communication Module for GPS

The IGPS.1 is used to acquire typical GPS information such as the geographical position, current speed, acceleration and direction of movement. The receiver data is read in and processed simultaneously with other SMT signals.

ILIN.1 - Communication Module for LIN

The ILIN.1 is a 4-channel interface module for acquiring and stimulating LIN signals. Each individual node can be used as LIN master, LIN slave and for bus monitoring.

Physical IOs

AS08.1 - Output Module for Analog Voltages

The AS08.1 adds electric outputs to the measurement data acquisition system. Analog voltages and currents as well as frequency and PWM signals can be output.

MA08.2/MS08.2 – Amplifier for Analog Voltages

The MS08.2 is used to acquire up to eight electrical voltages, currents or IEPE sensors. The MA08.2 provides an additional flexible voltage supply per measurement channel and thus supports a large number of standard transducers.

MB08.1 – Amplifier for Bridges

Using the bridge amplifier MB08.1, up to eight ohmic and piezoresistive full and half bridges can be acquired. Every channel can be adapted individually and flexibly to the specific measuring bridge.

MD04.1 – Amplifier for Frequency Signals

To be able to cover as many applications as possible, each channel has flexibly configurable signal conditioning with up to three tracks. This supports the acquisition of frequency and PWM signals as well as counter applications.

MD32.1 - I/O Module for Digital Signals

The MD32.1 has 32 digital channels which can be configured either as inputs or outputs. Furthermore, a range of different supply voltages is available which can be used, for example, to supply connected transducers.

MT20.2 – Amplifier for Thermocouples

The acquisition module MT20.2 is used to measure temperature with thermocouples (type K or other). Due to its high channel density and the galvanic isolation of the individual channels, it is particularly suitable for multi-channel applications.