Automotive Electronics

Measurement Technology for Automotive

Softing Measurement Technology – the universal measurement and automation system for mobile and stationary applications.

The continued development of modern vehicles has, among other things, brought with it tougher requirements in terms of the measurement technology used. In addition to physical values, bus signals have to be recorded, measure data evaluated and stimuli generated. The type and number of signals to be processed vary constantly, the environmental conditions make high demands of the systems used and, in spite of rapid technological change, investments made in measuring equipment still have to be future-proof. Softing’s Measurement Technology segment counters these and many other practical challenges with its modular family SMT, the measuring software PEA and the visualizing software Softing MDF.viewer.



Sophisticated measurement technology with signal generation, communication, computing power and memory depth.



Softing PEA

Powerful Data Acquisition, Visualization and Digital Signal Processing for SMT.


Softing MDF.viewer

Softing MDF.viewer

Software for visualizing measurement data.



SMT Accessories

SMT Accessories

Softing has various accessories to accompany the SMT and EDfuse product families.