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Softing 是一个用于创建、实施、调试诊断和测试序列(基于ISO 13209标准)的工具。




  • 图形化的诊断序列规范
  • ECU开发阶段创建测试序列
  • 生产阶段EOL检测设备的用户界面和测试序列
  • 售后诊断仪的故障诊断指导


  • 由于使用国际标准保护了用户投资
  • 易于在ECU,系统和汽车制造商之间交换序列
  • 可广泛被使用,因为OTX提供了最大的功能范围
  • OTX脚本保存在二进制格式,保密性高



新的OTX (Open Test sequence eXchange)是符合ISO 13209标准的,它满足用户从描述基础的功能测试到整个测试应用的需求。OTX Studio为用户在制定规格阶段以及其后的实施阶段提供支持。它使的创建带有清晰的流程逻辑表达的流程图变的简单。嵌入的OTX-Differ功能可以比较和融合不同开发台架上的脚本。


OTX Studio提供了必要的输入向导,指导用户学习使用产品。智能感知功能使得用户创建序列而无需深入了解OTX语言元素。集成了版本管理的综合项目管理,确保了即使在大项目中结构也一目了然。通用的编程语言的库的概念在创建一个面向应用的并且模块化的诊断流程时给用户提供了极大的支持。


典型的应用领域,例如,创建Flash或测试序列。特别是测试人员受益于其集成工具。集成的GUI编辑器可以设计整个测试界面和连接OTX脚本的界面元素,用图形方式显示在脚本中具体变量值。OTX功能函数库的数目没有任何限制。引导故障诊断方案的研发人员可以使用外语编辑器,文件显示器和文件浏览器来显示维修说明书和技术图纸。完整的调试功能对于所有用户都是不可或缺的(参见 Overview)。


OTX extensionsDiagnostics (ISO13209-3): DiagCom, DiagDataBrowsing, Flash, Job, Quantities
User interface (ISO13209-3): HMI, I18N
Miscellaneous (ISO13209-3): DateTime, Event, Logging, Math, StringUtil
Extended (Softing): ExternCall (DLL), File, XML, Trace
Onboard checkerVerification of OTX compliance
Verification of type compatibility
Debugging functionsWatch view: display of OTX variables / Break points: interruption of sequences at a defined point
Call stack: call hierarchy of complex sequences
Online change: change of OTX source code during a debugging session with direct acceptance
GUI editor functionsCreation of a program framework
Creation of dynamic interfaces for displaying script variables
Resource managementDisplay of document structure for insertion into sequences for guided fault diagnosis
Display of documents and selection of document position in the integrated viewer
Insertion of boilerplates and repair shop documents using Drag&Drop
Foreign language editor functionsDisplay of all existing foreign language texts / Full text search in existing language components
Export and import of XLIFF files for collaboration with translation agencies
Other viewsFavorites: to be defined by the user for fast selection
Comfort Mode: simplified sequence creation with predefined libraries
Service Execution: direct execution of diagnostic services via double click
OTX Differ for user friendly comparison and merge of OTX sequences

Order Information

Order Numbers 
OTX1L+STUDIOOTX Studio – complete OTX Workflow solution including Script Editor, Compiler, Debugger and Differ based on DTS Base System as well as Softing-specific OTX-Extensions (ExternCall (DLL), File, XML, Trace)
OTX1L+SERVEROTX Runtime System including DTS Base System with access to OTX programming interface
OTX1L-GUIAdditional editor in OTX Studio for generating graphic user interfaces that can be linked to OTX sequences

Extension package including:

  • support of version control (Subversion) in OTX Studio
  • export and import of XLIFF files for cooperation with translation agencies
  • editor for management of variants
OTX1L-FCEAdditional editor in OTX Studio for graphical creation of sequences (FlowCharts) within an OTX sequence
OTX1L-ODXGENAdditional test case editor in OTX Studio for semi-automated diagnostic protocol tests based on ODX data
OTX1L-API-RTAccess to OTX-programming interface. Adds OTX1L-SERVER functionality to all products based on DTS Base System
OTX1L-API-DKOTX Runtime API Developer Kit for application development incl. documentation and programming examples
Supplementary Products and Services
DTS8L+MONACODTS8 Monaco, universal development tester for test and analysis tasks; including DTS Base System
OTX1S-SRV-STARTStart package for OTX Runtime API developer kit with max. 20 h instruction and application support
OTX1L-MSPMaintenance and support package incl. support by telephone and e-mail
OTX1L-UPGSoftware upgrade for customers without Maintenance and Support package
Trial VersionFor your free trial version of Softing please contact us at info.automotive[at]softing[dot]com 
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Open Testsequence eXchange – Trainings

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