使用基于最新发布的ASAM MCD-3D 3.0标准化运行时系统DTS-COS来进行诊断通讯,使得用户开发专有的应用程序变的更加容易,并且因此把精力放在关注实际测试任务并快速获得测试结果上来。



  • 开发/测试阶段:ECU的发布,测试序列创建和验证,HiL 系统
  • 生产:下线检测系统,测试台架,刷新工位
  • 售后服务:诊断仪的诊断运行时系统




可以通过System Configurator来集中管理系统和工程的设置,可以导入和新建工程。Database Differ可以区分不同版本的运行时数据库更改内容。Differ可以轻松的找到不同车辆状态变化的修改。使用一个特殊的“仿真”接口,它可以同时访问多个不同总线的多个ECU在模拟状态来运行测试序列和用户应用程序。广泛的数据记录功能能让开发者和工程师快速的发现错误。



可选的API Developer Kit促进了基于DTS通讯服务器的应用程序开发。除了说明文档和编程实例,还包括一个特殊的测试软件。可以使您在没有开发自己软件界面的时候,通过运行时系统立即与车辆进行通讯。例如,在没有他们的应用程序时。使用一个特殊的ConfigAPI,运行时系统可以完全由一个外部应用程序依照接口、工程等等来配置。


Partially based on the DTS Base SystemSee separate data sheet: Diagnostic Tool Set 8 – System Overview
Standard compliance, e.g.ISO 22901-1/ASAM MCD-2D, ODX V2.2.0 and 2.0.1 (Open Diagnostic Data Exchange),
ISO 22900-3/ASAM MCD-3D V3.0.0 application interface,
ISO 22900-2 (D-PDU API)
Applications in Production and AftersalesUsage of diagnostic interfaces is recommended,
other interfaces need to be validated for the actual case of operation
Operating systemsAdditionally on request: Windows XP (32-bit, SP 3), Linux and Android
LicensingAll DTS Base System components (e.g. Database Differ and Analyzer) are available with standard licensing via USB dongle or hardware interface
PC remote accessSupported if a hardware interface is used for licensing,
on request only if an USB license dongle is used (needs to be indicated if ordering)


DTS8L+COSCommunication server DTS 8 COS for vehicle diagnostics. Beyond the function scope of the DTS Base System, user applications can symbolically access via the MCD-3D application interface the ECU and vehicle information based on the ODX data. Note: Neither Softing’s VCI software nor the OTX runtime are included in the scope of delivery.
DTS8L+COS-LITECommunication server DTS 8 COS for vehicle diagnostics with restriction: the used ODX data or DTS projects must not contain more than one single ECU
DTS8L-API-DKAPI Developer Kit for application development based on the communication server of DTS 8 COS.
Including test application, configuration API and interface description files to access the COM API.
Documentation: ASAM MCD-3D reference, C++/JAVA/COM API with Softing’s extensions.
Sample applications: Java, Python, Visual Studio 2010 Solution for COM, C#, C++
DTS8S-COS-STARTStart package with max. 40 h instruction and application support by telephone/ e-mail/ web conference or in person at Softing in Haar incl. one-on-one handover and documentation briefing.
DTS8S-COS-SMR-SETUPInitial process consulting regarding the usage of the modular ultra-compact runtime data format SMR and its creation with the transformer application (one-off costs per OEM)
DTS8L-COS-SMROption: Generating the modular optimized runtime data format SMR (requires one-time DTS8S-COS-SMR-SETUP)


S-DONGLEMicro USB license dongle, as an alternative to licensing on a hardware interface
DTS8S-CRYPT-SETUPInitial setup for OEM-specific encryption of runtime data (one-off costs per OEM)
DTS8L-CRYPT-[OEM]Reading and writing OEM-specific encrypted runtime data (requires DTS8S-CRYPT-SETUP one-time)
DTS8L+AUTDTS 8 Automation provides for manufacturing and test bench applications particularly simple access to diagnostic communication via standard interfaces widely used in industrial automation: API for C and COM, LabVIEW VI and OPC server
DTS8L+MONACOAll-in-one engineering tester DTS 8 Monaco for diagnostic and control functions of vehicle ECUs which comprehensively covers all tasks in the areas of engineering, testing and preparation of manufacturing tests
DTS8L+VENICEPowerful authoring system DTS 8 Venice for ODX 2.2 and 2.0.1 for convenient creation, testing, management and maintenance of diagnostic functions of single ECUs or a complete vehicle


Trial versionDiagnostic Tool Set 8 and OTX Studio
Data SheetDTS 8 COS
Data SheetDiagnostic Tool Set 8 - System Overview



  • 根据最新的标准来进行更快更具性价比的研发,减少对个别供应商的工具依赖
  • 无需专业总线协议知识
  • 向下兼容:ODX2.0.1和DTS 7工程仍然可以使用
  • 极简的运行时格式减少内存需求并实现更快更新的服务测试
  • 在安全性方面有着重大的增加,可对OEM数据进行加密 


Diagnostics: Communication Server for all Standards
Advantages of Using Current International Standards in Vehicle Diagnostics
Vehicle Diagnostics - From Nuisance to Necessity (Part 1+2)

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